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Join our Venture and Reach Millions! Yes, you can make a big difference… 


THRANI center for crisis control a subsidiary of Foundation for Integrated Research in Mental Health (FIRM) is the fastest-growing voluntary health organization with a nationwide presence in India. 

Ask yourself... 
* Would you care to be part of our life saving ventures? 
* Willing to put in time, energy, effort, in the hopes that you make a difference? 

If you need to know more, please feel free to contact call Dr. Elizabeth Vadakekara, Coordinator, THRANI center for crisis control (a subsidiary of FIRM), at (++91-98461) 35003 or (++91-471) 2 300-333.

By becoming a sponsor of THRANI team, you can make a big difference. For more than seven years, Foundation for Integrated Research in Mental Health has saved thousands of human lives suffering from AIDS, mental illnesses and attempted suicides. THRANI team has been a driving force behind several breakthroughs in community based prevention intervention activities. More and more efforts to improved treatment facilities and care for AIDS and severe mental illnesses are on the horizon. The new millennium presents a special challenge to THRANI team. While much has been accomplished in our enduring fight against AIDS, mental illnesses and preventing suicides, much more needs to be done. Some painful facts are:
* Every three minutes someone in Kerala attempt suicide.
* One in every 10 Keralite is suffering from psychological problems.
* More than 70,000 Keralites (adults and children) are now affected by AIDS.
* Majority of the HIV positive women have contracted HIV from their husbands.
Yes, now is the time to join us on a Journey of Hope.

Why do we need your support?
All THRANI services are free to the public. Number of clients availing THRANI services are escalating and have increased our monthly expenses and we need your support to continue providing our resources at no cost. 

How much should one donate?
You decide the size of your donation. Our suggestion is at least $10.00. Remember that every penny counts in this developing country. Please note that even though you might not be able to deduct your donation as a "charitable donation", you may be able to deduct it as a business expense.

How can you donate?
Donations are cash contributions - money in the form of cheques given to us to pursue our mission as we see fit. You can simply send your cheques or demand draft by land mail, drawn in favor of "THRANI center for crisis control, Thiruvananthapuram" to the following address:

Coordinator, THRANI center for crisis control
TC 15/2479, Red Cross Road, Vanchiyoor PO
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India - 695 037

Is it worth donating to THRANI?
We think so (of course!). Your donation can help to reduce the burden of crushing financial costs for caring terminally ill with HIV/AIDS. For more information about how you can benefit from a relationship with THRANI, call Dr. Elizabeth Vadakekara, Coordinator, THRANI center for crisis control (a subsidiary of FIRM), at (++91-98461) 35003 or (++91-471) 2300-333.

Our Sponsors - serving mankind
THRANI relies on the support of foundations, societies, and individuals to fund the center's patient services, training/education programs, community based interventions and research initiatives. We are extremely grateful to our generous donors and sponsors who made it possible for us to save thousands of lives in the past seven years. Your gift will help us to care terminally ill people living with AIDS, suicide attemptees and survivors of suicide. On behalf of the Society's volunteers, supporters and all who are battling against AIDS and mental illnesses, we thank you very much for your help. 

We appreciate your support…

Yours Sincerely, THRANI team 


  Sponsors of THRANI

  Principal Sponsor: 


Dr. G Velayudhan, G.G.Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram




  Donations Received from:


Mr. Sunil Puthiya Veettil


Mrs. Sheela Vijay


Dr. P. K. Subash Chandra Bose


Mr. Mahesh Acholkar


Dr. John Kurien


Mr. M. V. Balakrishnan





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