Homage to Dr. V. Suraraj Mani

Our beloved Mani Sir - the head of the Department of Psychiatry (Thiruvananthapuram General Hospital); the Secretary, Kerala State Mental Health Authority; the Patron, Foundation for Integrated Research in Mental Health (parent organization of THRANI), left this planet at 9:30 am on 21st of February 2003, following a massive cardiac arrest. Mani Sir was on his routine morning rounds in the hospital, when he collapsed without warning. As the first secretary of the Kerala State Mental Health Authority, he has made significant contributions towards the formulation of the Kerala State Mental Health Policy. Innovations were part of his professional life. He contributed immensely to the first ever round the clock crisis control telephone counseling service in Kerala. Also that, he initiated the implementation of Community Mental Health Model for Suicide Prevention in various panchayats through THRANI. 

Biodata of Dr. V. S. Mani                                                                                          Presentation by Dr. Mani