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Objectives of THRANI care

Care home for terminally ill women and children living with HIV/AIDS is to be opened soon.


Assist family members  to care for people living with HIV/AIDS at their home settings.


Help out survivors of crises to cope their loses.


Providing technical assistance to community counselors to respond appropriately with emerging needs of society.



Components of THRANI care


Counseling and Support Services
The overwhelming psychological trauma and sense of threat experienced by people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) are undoubtedly intensified by the frightening, irrational fears and negative discriminatory responses of the family members and others. Taking into account of the psychological stresses occasioned by awareness of being infected and the interpersonal, intra-familial, social and occupational consequences of the disease, accompaniments of AIDS such as anxiety and depression are matter of no surprise. An environment of unconditional supportive counseling in these situations has been proved to enable the individuals to cope with the reality. As the disease progresses suicidal ideations become prominent, resulting from inability to follow occupation, diminution of sexual contact and social withdrawal. Appropriate care situations and counseling can will PLWHAs to actively deal with problems in order to live more fulfilling lives. A compassionate proactive intervention will definitely help them to take back the control over their own lives by learning to address problems of being HIV positive and daily life stresses in an effective manner can greatly increase PLWHAs' quality of life.

Food, Shelter and Medical Care
Once suffering from opportunistic infections, PLWHAs are unable do/go for work and experience subsequent financial burden resulting in poverty. Dietary needs and medical care becomes unaffordable and often ignored. This is especially true when the mother falls sick or dies her children suffer destitution, ill health and social isolation. Inexpensive medical care and diet are the most essential services urgently needed fro PLWHAs in Kerala. THRANI care project will make available life saving medicines, food and ensure shelter to the HIV positive women and children. 

Life Skills & Vocational Skills Training
Life skills are those specific response capabilities necessary for effective living and improved quality of life. The severity and persistence of symptoms of the opportunistic infections undoubtedly contribute to the poor living of PLWHAs. Women and children living with HIV will be trained in each of four target modules for improvement - medication management, symptom management, recreation and self-care. Practice of Yoga and Meditation on a daily basis will have benefits of exercise as well as facilitate higher awareness levels. Regular meetings will be arranged with eminent individuals of the society and feminist activists at the care center. It is expected to boost self-esteem and self-efficacy of the inmates and provide an enabling environment for self-empowerment to incorporate and sustain behavioral changes. Most of the PLWHAs are not in a position to work to earn their daily expenses. For PLWHAs who are not terminally ill and can/willing to do work may be given vocational training that do not demand physical exertion. Umbrella Assembling, Book Binding, Soft Toys, Paper-bag Making, Bag Assembling, Tailoring and Embroidery, Greeting Cards Making are some of the envisaged training as vocational skills development as deemed appropriate.

Supporting Academic Needs of Children
Many a children (including those who are not positive) of the parents living with HIV have discontinued their schooling due to financial restrain of their parents, especially after the death mother. Health care needs of the positive children are an added burden to positive parents. THRANI care is also aimed to support children of PLWHAs in a comprehensive way including food, health care and education.

Legal Aid and Human Rights Services
The existing legal aid centre which is established to cater the needs of the sex workers could also deal with the rights of positives in terms of work, marriage and property rights etc., a networking with NGOs like lawyers collective, Mumbai, India, judges Mr. Michel Kirby (Australia) Edwin Cameron (South Africa) has been inspiration for us in guidance and moral support. 

Promoting Home-based Care
It is envisioned to encourage home-based care of PLWHAs. On-going awareness building and education of the family members are two essential strategies for this endeavor. Outreach counselor will initiate the process and support will be provided as and when necessary.

Community Interventions for HIV/AIDS prevention
Equipping community counselors and public health / community health center staff for early identification and treatment of STIs will be a priority activity during the project period. Education through formal interactive sessions, informal gatherings, and different cultural groups are planned for the empowerment adolescent girls and women on reproductive health so as to enable them to counteract the burden, violence and discrimination experienced. Advocacy with different government and non-government departments, politicians and NGOs to participate in the venture of HIV/AIDS prevention intervention is yet another activity that will be given special attention.






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